Located farthest from the citadel, Gia Long Tomb (Thien Tho Lang) is the resting place of the first emperor who founded the Nguyen Dynasty. This mausoleum is the perfect combination of architecture and nature, creating a beautiful landscape picture of grandeur and poetic. The following article provides some information about Gia Long Hue mausoleum , hopefully it […]

Like Long Bien Bridge over the Red River in Hanoi, Trang Tien Bridge ( Truong Tien Bridge ) is the first bridge across the Perfume River in Hue, located right next to the citadel. Reflecting on the romantic Perfume River, Trang Tien Bridge witnessed many ups and downs in the country’s history and is always mentioned as a beautiful symbol of […]

Coming to Hue, besides feeling the land with its ancient beauty with a bit of contemplation, thinking about palaces, royal court music or things bearing traces of ancient kings, the nature here also offers many beautiful landscapes. One of the special highlights is the long, unspoiled beaches that bring a sense of peace and relaxation. The […]

Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue contains many historical stories that we need to discover. Pocket the following information to make your trip more complete! Hue – The place where the most complete preservation of the soul and color of the national culture is preserved. In particular, Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue is likened to the “soul” of this land. Thien […]

Phu Cam Church is one of the famous landmarks of the ancient capital with an age of nearly 400 years. Possessing ancient Western architecture, Phu Cam Church is an extremely hot check-in point for many travel enthusiasts. In Hue travel , besides discovering famous places, delicious food, Phu Cam church is also a destination chosen by many tourists. Experiencing many ups […]

Dubbed the most beautiful mausoleum of the Nguyen Dynasty, Khai Dinh Tomb has a unique and profound architectural feature that later generations will not stop talking about. Like the result of a “foolish play” of the famous puppet and fallen king, Khai Dinh Tomb today becomes an architectural work, a famous historical tourist destination, attracting tourists […]

Bach Ma Mountain in Hue is a place for young people who like nature, mountains, and “phot”. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to admire the majestic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co , … from above. Let’s share with us the experience of traveling to Bach Ma mountain in Hue. Where is Bach Ma Mountain in Hue? Bach Ma Mountain […]

Thuan An Beach in Hue is a very famous destination for its wild and lyrical beauty that makes many tourists happy. If you are planning to travel to Thuan An, the following article is detailed suggestions for your plan to become more perfect. Let’s explore the natural beauty of this beach with us. Brief introduction about Thuan An […]

One of the ancient streets registered in the tourist destination of Hue that tourists should go there is Bao Vinh old town. This place has a calm, ancient and peaceful color. Here, let’s explore what’s attractive about Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue . Brief introduction about Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue Bao Vinh Ancient Town is a tourist destination known […]