Bach Ma Mountain in Hue is a place for young people who like nature, mountains, and “phot”. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to admire the majestic Hai Van Pass, Lang Co , … from above. Let’s share with us the experience of traveling to Bach Ma mountain in Hue.

Where is Bach Ma Mountain in Hue?

Bach Ma Mountain Hue is one of the most beautiful and majestic mountains in Hue, from the city center to Da Nang about 60km, you will come. If you are a lover of nature and the cool climate of the mountains, do not miss this place.

Bach Ma Hue Mountain is a small mountain located in the area of ​​Bach Ma National Park in Phu Loc district, this is considered a mountain separating Hue – Da Nang. This place is very diverse in vegetation, and rare fauna and flora ecosystems. With extremely cool natural scenery, Bach Ma National Park or Bach Ma Mountain attracts many tourists to visit.

The right time to travel to Bach Ma Mountain in Hue

According to Son Tra Travel’s Hue travel experience, the right time for you to go to Bach Ma mountain is from December to July. This time the weather in Bach Ma mountain Hue is very mild, cool, mountain nature The forest also becomes more beautiful. This is also the time for you to fully explore this place.

However, some tourists choose to travel to Bach Ma mountain in Hue in the rainy season. With the chilly weather, the rains poured down the mountain scenery hidden behind the fog range. Especially if you see this scene, it will be very poetic and romantic. In wet weather, it will be more difficult for you to move up Bach Ma mountain, which is quite dangerous.

Guide to move to Bach Ma mountain in Hue

Directions from Hue center

Starting to go to Bach Ma mountain from Hue center, you follow the direction to Da Nang along National Highway 1A. When going far from Phu Loc, you will meet the blue sea on the right, turn over, go up a little more, you will come to Bach Ma Hue. However, along the way there will be many signposts leading to different destinations. If you see the sea with the name Truc Lam Zen Monastery, skip it and go straight to the top of Bach Ma.


Guide to the top of Bach Ma mountain

To get to the top of Bach Ma Mountain in Hue, you need to buy tickets to Bach Ma National Park. The distance from the gate to the top of this mountain is quite far, about 20km, so you can choose the following means:

  • Option 1: You can choose to experience walking, the way up the mountain is quite steep and winding. However, if you walk, it will take time, ensuring your strength to conquer this mountain.
  • Option 2: Rent a motorbike in Hue or rent a car to drive to the top of Bach Ma mountain. This is the most popular choice. If you go with a few people, you can go with a group. The price when renting a car to the top is about 900k / 1 round trip

Means to move to Bach Ma mountain in Hue 

Rent a motorbike to visit on your own

If you are a person who likes to freely explore, the choice of riding a motorbike is one of the most suitable means of transport. To get to the top of Bach Ma you will go through many difficult but very interesting turns. If you are a tourist, you can refer to Hue To Hoi An motorbike Tour for advice.

Sightseeing by tour

If you are coming to Hue for the first time and do not know how to choose the right way to travel, you can refer to the Hue one-day tour . When participating in the tour, you will be taken to the place by a shuttle bus, food service, and an accompanying guide. You can choose a reputable and quality tour company to explore.


Rent a tourist car

Not only that, you can refer to the price of renting a car to travel to Bach Ma mountain in Hue . This is a very convenient means for you to travel in groups of family, friends, etc. You will be comfortable in terms of time, freedom of movement.

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What’s attractive about tourism in Bach Ma mountain in Hue?

Enjoy the cool, fresh air

When you have conquered the top of Bach Ma mountain in Hue, it is also the time when you will enjoy an extremely fresh, cool and refreshing air. This is also the reason that many tourists choose to come here. They temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of life to immerse themselves in nature on the top of Bach Ma mountain.

Explore diverse vegetation

In addition to the beautiful natural scenery of Bach Ma Mountain, Hue has a system of extremely diverse vegetation. This mountain is located in Bach Ma National Park where there are more than 2,300 species of plants and more than 1700 rare animals. Among them are also many rare and precious animals that are being preserved such as saola, brown-shanked douc langur, po mu, etc.

Visiting Hai Vong Dai project

Hai Vong Dai is a very famous work that any tourist should visit when traveling to Bach Ma mountain in Hue. This is a work built by the French right on the top of the mountain. Standing from here you can see the very beautiful Lang Co Bay , plus you will see the majestic Truc Lam Zen Monastery.

Check in Do Quyen waterfall

Do Quyen Waterfall is a very famous waterfall in Bach Ma National Park. Originally, this waterfall was named Do Quyen because the two sides of the waterfall grew a lot of beautiful Do Quyen pineapples. Every spring, the flowers bloom red, bringing an extremely colorful picture.

Admire the Five Lakes near the Bach Ma mountain range

Ngu Ho is 5 large and small lakes connected to each other. The water here is very cool and clear. When visitors stop here to have lunch, take a rest in the stream and check in will be great.

What to eat when traveling to Bach Ma mountain in Hue?

Mount Bach Ma Hue has a very large area, so choosing to play here for 1 day will not be enough, at least 2 days. If you just come to check in and take pictures, it’s a waste of time and effort, so you should spend more time to discover what’s special about the cuisine here.

To be able to reduce the cumbersome when moving, you can choose to eat at the restaurant in Bach Ma right at the foot of the mountain. You have just combined fun and enjoying Hue specialties . Coming here, you definitely have to try Hue filter cake, this is a very famous dish. You can buy it and bring it with you during your move up the mountain.

Expenses for the trip to Bach Ma mountain in Hue are self-sufficient

When going to visit Bach Ma mountain in Hue, the cost of moving is also very cheap, the entrance ticket is only 40k/person. In addition, you can bring food to save more money. Here are some expenses that I went with my group of friends last time

  • Motorbike rental + gas money: 100k / 1 person
  • Entrance ticket: 40k
  • Food and drink: 150k

Not only that, if you want to save more money, you can travel by motorbike to the top of the mountain. Instead of having to rent a car at the foot of the mountain, it will save you a lot of money to move your motorbike up by yourself.

Notes when visiting Bach Ma mountain in Hue

Some notes when you travel to Bach Ma mountain in Hue are as follows:

  • Should wear light clothes, hats, glasses, sports shoes
  • Bring insect repellent, stomach pain medicine, headache medicine, etc.
  • Bring water, fruit, food if you want to camp here
  • Bring your phone, camera, spare battery
  • Preserve the plants found here, do not arbitrarily break branches, touch animals
  • Do not engrave names on trees, rocks, etc.
  • Do not litter indiscriminately, respect the beauty of national culture

Bach Ma Mountain in Hue is an attractive tourist destination visited by many tourists. This place not only brings a natural beauty and beautiful surroundings, but also a great discovery point. Guests will enjoy the fresh feeling dispel the troubles in life. Come here and enjoy relaxing moments. Wish you have a meaningful trip.