The bridges in Da Nang all make tourists from all over the world admire the design as well as the level of grandeur, Da Nang Dragon Bridge is one of them. Let’s learn more about this bridge!

Dragon Bridge Da Nang impresses visitors with its vivid oriental dragon design. It is thanks to this “one-of-a-kind” design that Dragon Bridge has become one of the symbols when it comes to this beautiful coastal city.

1. Dragon Bridge Da Nang crosses which river? Guide

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is located on Nguyen Van Linh Street across the Han River, connecting 2 districts of Son Tra and Hai Chau in Da Nang. The reason is called dragon bridge because this bridge has a very special appearance, simulating the winding shape of the Dong Phuong golden dragon extremely beautifully.

Because it is located on a busy road in the inner city, the route to Da Nang Dragon Bridge is very clear. Visitors can easily move to this famous bridge by various means such as motorbikes, buses, taxis…

  • The way to Dragon Bridge from Hoi An:

From Hoi An, you can catch a Hoi An Car Rental With Driver to Da Nang Dragon Bridge during the day. This is an economical and comfortable means of transportation because the fare is only 350,000 VND/Car

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Bus frequency: 20 minutes/trip.

Or if you want to travel by motorbike to Hue Via Dragon Bridge, you can go straight to An Bang Expressway, then turn left at the roundabout and go straight on Vo Van Kiet Street until you see the bridge.

  • The way to Dragon Bridge from Da Nang city center:

If you are staying at a hotel near My Khe beach, go to Vo Nguyen Giap street, then turn left to Vo Van Kiet street, keep going straight, you will see Dragon bridge. Or you can also go to Dragon Bridge Da Nang by Tran Phu Street and then turn left.

2. What’s interesting about visiting Da Nang Dragon Bridge?

2.1. Dragon Bridge in Da Nang – The bridge stands out with a dragon-shaped design in the Ly Dynasty

With a construction cost of more than 80 million USD, Dragon Bridge is a massive work with 6 lanes and 2 pedestrian lanes. The total length of the bridge is 666m, the width is 37.5m, spanning the Han River.

The bridge was officially opened to traffic for the first time on March 29, 2013 on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang city.

For a long time, Da Nang Dragon Bridge has always been in the top of the bridges with the most unique architecture in Vietnam, making many people admire and love. This is the result of a design competition between talented architects to find the most impressive, outstanding design.

Impressive Dragon Bridge with architecture simulating oriental dragons reaching out to the sea (Photo: collectibles)

The bridge is not only a symbol for Da Nang but also has an important meaning in tourism image, acting as the main road connecting Son Tra peninsula and Da Nang airport.

2.2. What time does the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang spit fire? What time does the Dragon Bridge spray water?

Not only has the impressive design, the dragon head of the bridge also has a very special function, which is to spray fire for 2 minutes and spray water for the next 3 minutes.

When spraying fire, Danang Dragon Bridge can create 9 fireballs with the diameter of each ball reaching from 2-3m, going from 8-19m away to create an extremely eye-catching scene. Despite being so majestic, these fire screens have been calculated and designed to be safe while still ensuring high aesthetics.

To admire this unique fire and water spray show, you should visit the Dragon Bridge at 21:00 pm every Saturday and Sunday and choose the best spot to observe!

3. The most beautiful coordinates to see the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

It can be said that night is the best time to admire the beauty of Dragon Bridge. With 15,000 LED lights, the Dragon Bridge becomes sparkling and outstanding thanks to its unique color bands. Not only that, Dragon Bridge Da Nang also attracts many tourists with many events and performances at night.

Some coordinates to help visitors see the most beautiful Dragon Bridge can be mentioned:

  • Right on the bridge: On Saturday & Sunday evenings, when the bridge starts spewing fire, traffic will not be allowed. Thanks to that, you can stand on the bridge and enjoy the performance right in front of your eyes. However, to avoid getting wet in the water spray, you should not stand too close to the dragon’s head.
  • Bach Dang pedestrian street in Da Nang: Right at the end of the bridge is Bach Dang street. Here you can admire the performance with a wider perspective and see a wide view of the Han River. For the best view, try a nearby cafe with a balcony and go up to the 2nd floor for a better view.
  • Cafes, hotels near Dragon Bridge Da Nang: A more interesting way to admire the fire and water spray is from the high floors of the buildings near the bridge. For example, Melia Vinpearl Danang Riverfront Hotel  has a modern architecture with a unique 360-degree panorama view facing the Dragon Bridge. Here, visitors can enjoy the performance and admire the shimmering Da Nang night scene.
  • Other bridges near the Dragon Bridge: Da Nang is a city of many famous bridges, in which parallel to the Dragon Bridge is the Han River Bridge and Tran Thi Ly Bridge. So from the position of the two bridges above you can still admire the spray of water and fire from the dragon bridge.
  • Tran Hung Dao Street: Originally a road crossing the Dragon Bridge right below the dragon’s head. Therefore, Tran Hung Dao Street is also an ideal place to enjoy the performance. Moreover, visitors can take advantage of sipping drinks and snacks from sidewalk shops along the street.

Dragon Bridge Da Nang is one of the iconic architecture of Da Nang. So if you have the opportunity to visit or travel, take some time to admire and take pictures to check in at this unique bridge!