Traveling to Hue, how can you forget “visiting Truong Tien bridge, visiting Thien Mu pagoda”, “Nu Binh mountain is beautiful and missed”. Ngu Binh Mountain has long become an indispensable symbol of the dreamy Hue. Let’s visit with Danang Motorbike Adventure to visit the unique beauty of Ngu Binh Mountain below!

Learn about Ngu Binh Mountain

Ngu Binh Mountain is one of the symbols of the dreamy Hue. Visitors to this place cannot forget the immense green pine forest, the ancient temple on the top of the mountain and the drifting river. The special thing about Ngu Binh Mountain in Hue is that the mountain is only 105m high but has a trapezoidal shape leading to the top. Right next to the mountain is the land of Ta Phu Son and Huu Bat Son, which is likened to a phoenix surrounding the foot of the mountain.

Because of that beauty, it is said that this is a sacred mountain with feng shui meaning for the whole Hue citadel. Coming here, you can not only admire the wonderful nature, breathe in the fresh air, but also make your soul settle down and reflect in the true nature of Hue people.

The most beautiful travel experience on Ngu Binh mountain is from May to September. This is when the weather in Hue is very cool and pleasant. The beautiful scenery around Ngu mountain at this time is the most loving and romantic. You should not travel to Hue in September to April next year. Because this is the time when the weather in Hue is rainy and stormy, it is very difficult for sightseeing.


Moving Guide 

Ngu Binh Mountain is located only about 5km from the city center, so it is very convenient to move. You can rent a motorbike or call a taxi.

If going from the center, you just need to go in the direction of Le Huan street, across Da Vien bridge. Then, you continue to go to Bui Thi Xuan Street, cross Dien Bien Phu Street, continue to turn across Dang Huy Tru Street. You go a little further to reach Ngu Binh Mountain.

If you want to reach the top of the mountain, stop at the foot of the mountain, then continue walking to the top to enjoy the view. The way to the top of the mountain is quite easy, the air is fresh, so it is great to conquer.


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Discover the history of the mountain

Ngu Binh Mountain is also known as Binh Son or Bang Son. This name started from the time when Lord Ngai (Nguyen Phuc Thai) traveled to Xuan village in Hue and built a residence here. This mountain became the focal point of the construction of Hue citadel under the Nguyen dynasty.

During the reign of King Quang Trung, this mountain was a sacred witness of the ceremony to sacrifice to heaven and earth to enthrone the king. The Nguyen kings also ordered to plant pine trees from the foot of the mountain to the top to create a landscape to enjoy. The steps to the top of the mountain are also said to have been ordered by the king to admire the natural scenery. This is also a great place for actors and actresses to date and experience on the days of the Qingming New Year and the Lunar New Year.

Today, Ngu Binh Mountain becomes the soul of the beloved Hue land.


Admire the enchanting beauty of Ngu Binh Mountain

The road that leads you to this mountain is very beautiful. You will enjoy the picture covered with pine trees, looming small roofs. You will pass the winding steep roads, surrounded by bamboo and bamboo ramparts… Just cycling around the mountain road you can clearly see the picture of the lovely idyllic Hue.

If you set foot on the top of the mountain, you will discover the wild and majestic natural scene below. It is a beautiful charming picture with the poetic Perfume River and inclined pagoda roofs. This mountain is not too high, the way is not too difficult. You can listen to birdsong, admire the scenery of rivers, trees, pagodas and tombs of the ancient capital. Looking into the distance, you will see the distant roofs of Phu Vang and Huong Tra villages, hidden under the white clouds is the majestic Truong Son range. A little further is the white sand strip of Thuan An estuary and a deep blue corner of the East Sea.

Watching Ngu Binh Mountain in the sunset is the most beautiful moment of the day. It seems that the yellow of the sky is blending with the green of the trees. To the people of Hue, Ngu Binh mountain is like the soul of the ancient capital, full of lyrical and elegant beauty.

Hurry up to take the best photos with the majestic scenery in this place!


Some places to visit near Ngu Binh mountain

Around Ngu Mountain, there are many places to visit that you should not miss. Please refer to HaloTravel’s suggestions below:

Location Distance
Vong Canh Hill 5.1 km
Quang Trung Monument on Mount Bin 850 m
Thien Mu Pagoda 7.9 km
Mausoleum of kings of the Nguyen Dynasty 7.5 km

Ngu Binh Mountain is a symbol of the dreamy ancient capital of Hue. If you come to dear Hue, remember the journey to conquer Ngu Mountain, stroll by the Perfume River, visit Trang Tien Bridge, Thien Mu Pagoda to love this land more!