Vinh Moc tunnels and Vinh Linh tunnel village system are magnificent underground military architectures, born during the resistance war against the US to save the country. With the slogan “militarization of the whole people, fortification of the whole region”, Vinh Linh army and people have dug trenches with many functions: headquarters, logistics warehouse, school, hospital, living area. of each family…, arranged throughout the residential areas, along the way, along the fields, along the coast, connected by a system of interlaced trenches instead of roads on the ground.


From the end of 1965 to 1968 (according to incomplete statistics), the whole Vinh Linh district had 114 tunnels with a total length of more than 40km, a trench transportation system of more than 2,000km and hundreds of other tunnels. “The tunnel village” – first appeared in the history of the Vietnam War, expressing the will to “not leave an inch, a glass never leave” to fight to protect the homeland and keep the blood vessels open to the front line.

Vinh Moc tunnels and Vinh Linh tunnel village system are distributed throughout 15/22 communes and towns of Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province, including:

1.  Vinh Moc Tunnels (Vinh Thach)

Belongs to Vinh Moc and Son Ha hamlets, Vinh Thach commune, 1,060.25m long (excluding niches, apartments…); The tunnel height is from 1.7 to 1.8m, including 13 doors (with 6 doors leading to the hill, 7 doors leading to the sea). Along the two sides of the tunnel, there are small niches that can accommodate 2 to 4 people. In the basement, there is also a hall (capacity of 50-60 people), as a meeting place, watching movies, performing arts… and some other works such as: bulletin board, maternity house, 3 wells, etc. toilets, surgery station, dispensary, cooking kitchen (Hoang Cam kitchen).

The system of tunnels and underground works of Vinh Moc tunnels consists of 3 floors: The first floor has a total length of 421.82m, a width of 0.90m – 1.1m and a height of 1.6m – 1.75m. , with a depth of 8 – 11m from the ground, the tunnel is arched, the roadbed, wall, and ceiling are quite flat… The 2nd floor has a depth of 11 – 15m from the ground, length 508.08m, height from 1.6m – 1.94m, width from 0.8m – 1.1m. The tunnel has the shape of a rolling arch with a solid basalt red soil structure.. The main shaft of the 3rd floor runs mainly in the south and then around the east, 130.35m long, 1.6-1.74m high, wide from 0.8 – 1.1m, vaulted ceiling, 21 – 22.5m deep from the ground, with 2 wells, 1 bathroom, 5 basements arranged staggeredly on both sides of the main axis, 2 systems Doors (10 and 12) open to the sea and also have a backbone system to connect the basements together.

In addition to the underground system of tunnels and tunnels, Vinh Moc tunnels also have works on the ground such as trenches, artillery embankments, breakwaters, galleries…

2. Hien Dung tunnel system (Vinh Hoa)

Located on the territory of Hien Dung village, Vinh Hoa commune, including 2 tunnels:

The tunnels of the Commanding Committee of the People’s Armed Police in  Vinh Linh area  have a length of about 1,540m, including 18 up and down doors, 15 ventilation wells, now only door 1 (near Cau slot) is intact.

Tunnels Information of the People’s Armed Police in Vinh Linh area  has 8 doors up and down and 10 ventilation wells. Currently, there are only doors 1, 2, and ventilation wells 4 (1st floor). The total length of this entire tunnel is 761m (including the current part and the assumed part).

3. The system of tunnels Huong Nam, Troong Mon – Cua Hang, Rooc village and Hai Quan tunnels (Vinh Kim)

–  Huong Nam Tunnels:  in Huong Nam village, Vinh Kim commune, the tunnel is still relatively intact, running in an arc, nearly 134m long, including 2 doors, a vent well and 2 branches.

–  Troong Mon tunnel system : located close to the coast of Vinh Kim commune, with a total length of 170.60m, including 5 gates, of which, there are 3 gates leading to the hill and 2 doors leading to the sea, with 4 main routes.

–  Cua Hang Tunnels : Because the tunnels were dug close to the coast, over time, under the influence of tides, especially in the rainy season, there are sections of the tunnel that have been filled with sea sand. The tunnel axis runs in the East – West direction, with 2 doors. Current status, door No. 1 opens to the East, 1.05m high, 1.2m wide; Door 2 opens to the west, 1.25m high, 1.2m wide.

–  Rooc village tunnels:  running in the East – West direction, skewing North, with a length of 141.1m, height from 1.1 – 1.9m, width from 0.8 – 1.1m. The tunnel has 2 doors (door 1, door 2). Overall, the tunnel looks like the shape of a Y, with a main axis and a branch, divided into 2 routes .

–  Naval tunnels : including 4 tunnels located to the southwest of Rooc village, two sides of two bowl-shaped hills. These tunnels are located close to each other within a radius of 50m including: Naval Tunnel 1, Naval Tunnel 2, Naval Tunnel 3, Naval Tunnel 4.

4. Mui Si tunnel system, tunnel 61 (Cua Tung town)

–  Mui Si Tunnels:  located on the coastal road from Cua Tung to Vinh Moc Tunnels, in Thach Ban neighborhood, Cua Tung town. The tunnel has a protected area of ​​26,204m2 (area I: 9,820m2, area II: 16,384m2). Currently, this area is the place to plant casuarina trees to block the wind, on the road surface of the tunnels, there are still many bomb craters. Over time, the impact of nature and humans, so this tunnel has been partially damaged.

–  Tunnel 61 : located on the side of the road to Ben hamlet, in An Hoa 2 quarter, Cua Tung town. Tunnel 61 has a protected area of ​​3,526m2 (area I: 1,675m2, area II: 1,851m2). In 1984, the People’s Committee of Vinh Quang commune built the memorial stele campus and upgraded it in 2002, 2012. The stele and mass grave at the 61 tunnel monument is the place to commemorate the victims who died. died in the tunnel collapse caused by American bombs on June 20, 1967.

5. Naval Tunnels (Vinh Nam)

Located on a hill in Nam Cuong village, Vinh Nam commune, protected area is 6,586m2 (area I: 5,049m2, area II: 1,537m2), total length 76.12m, height from 1.7 – 2m, width from 1.6 – 2m. The tunnel structure is arched, the two tunnel walls are relatively straight, the dome ceiling is short and smooth and smooth. There are two small drainage channels on either side of the wall. Currently, the relic still has 3 main tunnels, connected to form a solid tunnel system.

Vinh Moc tunnels and Vinh Linh tunnel village system are historical evidences of strength, indomitable spirit, unyielding will to keep the village, unique creation of people’s war, shining symbol of people’s war. revolutionary heroism, greatly contributing to the victory of the resistance war against America to save our nation.

Today, Vinh Moc Tunnels and Vinh Linh tunnel village system have become a unique and unique historical and cultural heritage of great significance in the education of revolutionary traditions, patriotism and labor. creative activities, and at the same time contribute to attracting tourists and promoting the economic development of the locality.

With typical special value, the historical site of Vinh Moc Tunnels and Vinh Linh tunnel village system (Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province) has been ranked as a special national monument according to Decision No. 2408/QD. – TTg on December 31, 2014 Prime Minister./.