The beaches of Hue are known to be some of the most fascinating vacation spots you shouldn’t miss when visiting the ancient capital. The beauty of Hue’s beaches can be summed up in three words: “captivating and heartwarming.”

In addition to the famous historical architectural sites and diverse cuisine, Hue’s beaches are also considered a “specialty” of the former capital. With their pristine, romantic, and enchanting charm, Hue’s beaches leave a lasting impression on every visitor. Explore Hue’s tourism and experience the 10 most beautiful beaches in the following article!

Thuan An Beach in Thua Thien Hue.

Located about 20km east of the city center, Thuan An Beach in Hue boasts a coastline stretching over 12km. The seawater here is crystal clear year-round, the air is fresh, and it’s not too crowded with tourists. Therefore, Hue’s beaches are an ideal destination for relaxation, leisure, and entertainment after days of stressful work.

Thuan An Beach in Hue – one of the beaches near the city of Hue

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Hai Duong Beach – A beautiful spot in Hue with many picturesque photo opportunities.

Hai Duong Beach in Hue possesses a tranquil and unspoiled atmosphere as tourism development is still relatively limited. What stands out at this Hue beach are two unique check-in spots created by locals to break the waves, known as the “high beach” and the “low beach.”

Enjoy to the fullest, and check-in to your heart’s content at Hue’s Hai Duong Beach

The low beach consists of sturdy, moss-covered concrete wave barriers in the shape of screws. The high beach features randomly stacked giant three-legged stones, promising an impressive check-in spot you shouldn’t miss!

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Vinh Thanh Beach in Hue.

Located just a 30-minute drive from the center of Hue city, Vinh Thanh is known as one of the cleanest and most pristine beaches with an abundance of seafood and fresh air in the imperial land. Here, you can experience the vast expanse of the sea, clear blue skies, white clouds, and gentle breezes. The most interesting aspect of visiting Hue’s beach is the opportunity to interact and experience the livelihoods of the friendly and hospitable fishermen of Vinh Thanh village.

Vinh Thanh Beach is also a romantic rendezvous for many couples.

Lang Co Beach in Hue – One of Hue’s famous beaches.

Lang Co Beach in Hue is a well-known destination for beach enthusiasts. Located at the foot of the Hai Van Pass, this Hue beach is blessed with a picturesque, poetic landscape and a friendly environment.

Lang Co – a beach in Hue located right at the foot of the Hai Van Pass.

The best time to visit Lang Co Beach is from April to July. Here, besides enjoying the beautiful beach and scenery, you can also savor famous local specialties such as grilled oysters, crab noodle soup, shrimp and crab paste, and various types of fresh seafood.

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Canh Duong Beach in Hue.

Canh Duong is dubbed the most “artistic” beach in Hue, with numerous stunning photo spots and consistently pleasant weather. When you visit Canh Duong Beach, you can not only admire the breathtaking scenery and enjoy relaxation but also organize a barbecue party by the beach or dine at nearby restaurants to savor the local specialties. All of these experiences promise to make your trip unforgettable.

Canh Duong Beach – the most artistic beach in the land of Hue.

Which beach is beautiful in Hue? Check out Binh An Beach in Hue.

True to its name, Binh An Beach exudes a simple and peaceful beauty, unique to the ancient capital. Here, you’ll find blue waters, white sand, golden sunshine, and lush green coconut palms swaying in the wind. The most beautiful time to visit Hue’s Binh An Beach is probably in the evening when the sun sets behind the mountains, and you can stroll along the shore, breathe in the sea breeze, and feel an incredible sense of relaxation as all your fatigue gradually melts away.

Ham Rong Beach in Hue – A beautiful Hue beach to escape the crowds.

With its wild and mysterious beauty, Ham Rong Beach in Hue is an ideal destination for travelers who love to conquer, explore, and experience. At Ham Rong Beach, near the shore are large and small moss-covered rocks, while in the distance, the waves gently wash up on the shore, creating a tranquil and poetic scene that resembles a painting. This makes Hue’s beach capture the hearts of many visitors.

Sunset over Ham Rong Beach.

Tan Canh Duong Beach in Hue – A captivating Hue beach.

Leave behind looming deadlines, the busyness of daily life, and there’s nothing better than coming to Hue to immerse yourself in the fresh and cool atmosphere of Tan Canh Duong Beach.

Unlike the rugged and tranquil beauty of other beaches, Tan Canh Duong offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere with many bars, restaurants, and entertainment areas for all ages. It is planned to meet the green, clean, and beautiful standards, catering to the needs of tourists who visit.

Hai Binh Beach – One of the most beautiful beaches in Hue.

Hai Binh is one of the newly discovered and developing beaches in Hue in recent years. With its scenic beauty, mild climate, and diverse natural environment, this beach promises to be a memorable stopover and vacation spot during your trip to Hue.

When you visit Hai Binh, don’t forget to indulge in the delicious and nutritious local fish dishes. In addition, tourists can go fishing, cast nets, catch fresh and tasty shellfish, and interact with the honest and friendly fishermen in the fishing village here.

Phu Dien Beach in Hue – A gentle and peaceful beach in Hue.

Phu Dien is known as the most “friendly” beach in the ancient capital, with a poetic landscape and down-to-earth, simple local people. When you visit this Hue beach, you’ll experience a gentle, peaceful atmosphere that’s not too bustling. The coastline of Phu Dien is covered in white sand, with gentle waves lapping the shore and light sea breezes carrying a hint of salt. This serene scene, combined with the welcoming locals, creates a memorable experience for every visitor to this Hue beach.

With the 10 recommended beaches in Hue mentioned here, we hope you have chosen your favorite destination for a beach vacation with your family. Don’t forget to prepare an enthusiastic spirit, pack some lovely dresses, and ensure your smartphone/camera is fully charged to be ready for some fantastic check-ins at these incredibly beautiful beaches in Hue!