Hue is an ancient capital city with numerous enchanting tourist spots that blend poetry with a touch of indescribable mystery. Motorbike adventures in Hue have also become an appealing pastime for many young people who love freedom and enjoy exploring this land. Let’s take note of these 10 extremely beautiful tourist destinations in Hue, perfect for motorbike travelers.

1. What makes travel in Hue attractive to adventurers?

Despite being overshadowed by a renowned tourist city like Da Nang, Hue still possesses an irresistible allure for travelers. This place encompasses surprising attractions such as pristine nature, thriving forest ecosystems, and countless valuable heritages. Being dubbed the “city of heritage,” it comes as no surprise that Hue attracts millions of visitors each year.

Famous anecdotes about the ancient capital are always waiting to be discovered

Not only tourists but also local residents are passionate about embarking on motorbike adventures in Hue. Most people feel that traveling in Hue by motorbike helps alleviate all the stress accumulated from days of exhausting work.

The city scenery that unfolds before the eyes of adventurers is a tranquil Hue, a dreamy Hue, a gentle Hue. From the city center to the outskirts, at any point, it can become a captivating destination for tourists.

2. Choosing a reputable motorbike tour or rental service in Huế to explore famous destinations.

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3. List of 10 suitable motorbike adventure destinations in Hue.

If you are a lover of freedom, passionate about traveling, and want to explore the former capital, but don’t know which destinations are suitable, you can refer to the following top 10 motorbike adventure destinations in Hue.

Vong Canh Hill.

At the top of the list is a familiar destination for all adventurers. Vong Canh Hill is about 7km west of the city center. It boasts a serene beauty with overlapping hills and the emerald green Perfume River. This place is often chosen as a resting spot to admire the views enjoyed by the kings of the Nguyen dynasty.

Canh Vong Hill is a favorite place to save beautiful wedding photos.

Ngu Binh Mountain.

One of the must-visit motorbike adventure destinations in Hue is Ngu Binh Mountain. When you admire it from above, you will understand why Ngu Binh Mountain is considered a priceless gift bestowed by nature. The impressive sight of lush pine trees and the meandering Perfume River surrounds it. The majestic beauty of Ngu Binh Mountain has been praised by numerous poets.

Truoi Lake.

Located at the foot of Bach Ma Mountain, Truoi Lake still retains its pristine and mysterious charm. Also known as the “Enchanting Lake,” it originated from the largest hydroelectric dam in Hue. With its romantic atmosphere, Truoi Lake has become a captivating destination for adventurers.

Unusual peaceful and pure scenery of Truoi Lake

A Luoi.

A Luoi is the living area of ethnic minorities in the highland region. Due to minimal exploitation, it still preserves its own cultural identity. Although it is located quite far from the city, approximately 70km, it doesn’t deter genuine adventurers. Once you set foot in A Luoi, you will fall even more in love with the beautiful nature of this city.

The land of A Luoi is still full of primitive beauty

A Co Pass.

When traveling by motorbike in Hue, you definitely cannot miss the winding hills and passes. A Co Pass, located in the A Luoi district, will leave you amazed with its winding and curvy roads. Hidden and revealed in the white clouds, A Co Pass satisfies the adventurous spirit of every traveler.

A Co pass is winding and winding in the cloudy clouds

Thuy Tien Lake.

Thuy Tien Lake, nestled on Thien An Hill, has recently become a popular destination. It is an abandoned water park that gained attention after being featured in an American newspaper. This place has become extremely attractive due to its mysterious and eerie atmosphere, resembling a horror movie. Moss-covered water slides, rusty pipes, and towering dragon statues create a creepy scenery that makes visitors feel a sense of unease.

Thuy Tien Lake brings a strange beauty compared to other tourist destinations

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery.

The next destination for those who want to travel to Hue by motorbike is Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery. Renowned as a spiritual land, it possesses numerous pagodas and temples. Truc Lam Zen Monastery is located on the summit of Bach Ma Mountain, known as the “White Horse Great Mountain.” When visiting this Zen monastery, tourists feel like they have entered a heavenly realm. The serene environment erases all worries and anxieties of reality.

Spiritual tourist destination Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

Nhi Ho Waterfall.

Nhi Ho Waterfall is located approximately 45km south of the city center. The gentle cascades flow into the tranquil lake, creating a picturesque scene. From a distance, Nhi Ho Waterfall resembles a simple and extraordinary watercolor painting. This stopping point offers adventurers moments of enjoyable relaxation and immersion in the cool water.

Nhi Ho waterfall eco-tourism area is a familiar place for everyone

Tam Giang Lagoon.

Tam Giang Lagoon is a must-see for its stunning sunsets when visiting Hue. The peaceful fishing villages present a glimpse into the simple and humble life of the coastal inhabitants. Moreover, Tam Giang Lagoon is also attractive for its authentic local specialties and delicious cuisine.

Beautiful sunset scene on Tam Giang lagoon

Canh Duong Beach.

If you prefer something more lively, you can visit Canh Duong Beach. This beach regularly hosts camping activities and recreational outings for groups of young friends. With its smooth white sand, blue skies, and overlapping mountain ranges, Canh Duong Beach is an ideal gathering place for friends after a week of work.

Canh Duong Beach is loved by young people as a camping paradise

4. Some notes when motorbiking to tourist destinations in Hue.

To make your motorbike trip to tourist destinations in Hue more enjoyable and complete, keep in mind the following tips and experiences:

  • Plan your itinerary in advance for a smoother trip.
  • Refer to shared articles about destinations and experiences of motorbiking in Hue.
  • Learn some local phrases to facilitate communication with the locals.
  • Choose appropriate clothing according to the weather and destinations. It’s advisable to dress simply and comfortably because wearing dresses or high heels can be inconvenient during the motorbike journey.
  • Apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and use protective gear if you don’t want to get sunburned.
  • Pack a few bottles of water in your bag. Since you’ll be traveling under the sun and may come across remote areas with fewer shops.
  • Inquire about prices before eating, drinking, or shopping to avoid being overcharged.
  • Don’t hesitate to interact and ask locals for help if you encounter any difficulties. After all, this is their homeland, and they are more familiar with it than us.
  • Just a heads up, the food in Hue can be quite spicy. It’s better to ask and inform the restaurant owner beforehand to adjust the taste to your preference.
  • Check the condition of your bike and make sure to refuel before starting your motorbike adventure.

Hue has already become famous among everyone, right? But for those who are traveling to Hue and embarking on an adventure in this city for the first time, this article will be extremely useful for you. So why wait any longer? Grab your backpack and start your journey to explore this sacred land.