Visiting and exploring Ru Cha forest in Hue – a tourist destination that attracts tourists with extremely new and interesting experiences. Let’s refer to the very detailed experience of going to Ru Cha Hue forest right now!

Not only outstanding with a very special name, Ru Cha Hue forest tourist area also possesses a wild and mysterious beauty that captivates people’s hearts. Therefore, this place has become a destination not to be missed for those who want to immerse themselves in the natural space when traveling to Hue .

1. Where is Ru Cha Forest in Hue?

Ru Cha Hue primeval forest is one of the places that attracts a lot of tourists in the Hue tourist map . Only about 15km from the center of Hue city , in addition to being famous for its beauty and mystery, Ru Cha Hue is also known as the only rare primeval mangrove forest that still exists in the largest lagoon system in the region. Southeast Asia – Tam Giang lagoon .

  • Address: Thuan Hoa village, Huong Phong commune, Huong Tra town, Thua Thien – Hue province

2. Guide to the Ru Cha Hue forest

Where is Ru Cha Forest? How to go to Ru Cha forest in Hue? Ru Cha Forest – Hue Tourist Destination is suitable for those who want to immerse themselves in the peaceful and quiet natural space. Currently, the roads to Ru Cha Hue are built and renovated extremely widely, helping tourists to visit and move much more smoothly and easily than before.

Ru Cha Forest is located only about 15km from the center of Hue city (Photo: collectibles)

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Visitors can immediately refer to the following very simple guide to the Ru Cha Hue forest:

  • Starting from Hue city center, move along Highway 49B to Thuan An beach;
  • From Highway 49B, go straight, you will see signs leading to Tam Giang bridge and Tam Giang lagoon. Then continue to turn left in the direction of the signpost to cross Tam Giang bridge;
  • Go straight through Thao Long dam about 4km to reach Ru Cha forest.

3. What’s good at Ru Cha forest in Hue?

Ru Cha Forest Hue is currently a super “hot” name in the list of Hue backpacking destinations for young people who love backpacking at home and abroad. Although still quite wild, Ru Cha mangrove forest will definitely be an interesting destination for you to explore, explore and experience the immense natural scenery.

3.1. Visiting the unique and interesting mangrove forest in Ru Cha

The magical and mysterious beauty of Ru Cha lies in the presence of thousands of cha trees close together with large roots. More than 90% of the forest space is covered by scraggly trees growing together, forming an arc above, enclosing the road through Ru Cha forest in Hue.

Visiting the unique and interesting mangrove forest in Ru Cha

Visiting the unique and interesting mangrove forest in Ru Cha

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Follow the path through the forest, you will gradually feel the picture of Ru Cha Hue forest appearing full of truth and color. Especially during the day, the sparkling light adds color to Ru Cha forest by the tiny sunbeams shining through the leaves to the ground. In autumn, the whole forest turns yellow and red creating a vibrant, warm color.

Coming to Ru Cha forest in Hue, visitors seem to let go of worries and troubles in life and spend moments of relaxation, immersing themselves in the nature of the trees here.

3.2. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while cruising on the river in the forest of Ru Cha Hue

An interesting way of sightseeing that visitors to Ru Cha cannot miss is taking a boat on the river. You can rent a small wooden boat and go for a walk to explore, weave into the deepest nooks and crannies, discover the entire extremely rich ecosystem in the Ru Cha Hue primeval forest.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery while cruising on the river in the forest of Ru Cha Hue

Enjoy the beautiful scenery while cruising on the river in the forest of Ru Cha Hue

3.3. Check-in by Ru Cha forest in Hue with many beautiful photos

Dubbed the most famous tourist destination in the ancient capital, Ru Cha has become one of the most beautiful photography places in Hue attracting many tourists to visit and take pictures to check in. In the midst of the vast, mysterious scenery in Ru Cha Hue forest, just choose any angle you like, pick up the camera and pose for some very unique check-in photos.

3.4. Fully explore the beautiful scenery from the observatory at Ru Cha forest

In recent years, the Ru Cha forest in Hue has been invested, built a small tower as an observatory for the state to manage the forest and help tourists have the opportunity to see the whole panorama of Ru Cha mountain forest.

Standing from above looking down, admire the Ru Cha forest with a whole new perspective, from the vast green forest carpets to the dreamy Tam Giang lagoon – a vast and majestic mangrove forest suddenly appears in front of you. your eyes.

3.5. Visit the shrine of Our Lady of Mercy in Ru Cha

Not only possessing a unique and ancient architecture, the shrine is also famous for its sacredness and mysterious stories surrounding it. Usually on the 3rd of March every year, many tourists come here to offer incense to pray for a peaceful year. At the end of the journey, don’t forget to take the time to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Mercy!

Hue Ru Cha Forest is the perfect place for tourists to choose to visit after tired and stressful working days. Come to Ru Cha Hue forest and immerse yourself in nature, this place will surely bring you unforgettable experiences.