To get from Da Nang to Lang Co, how many kilometers is it?

Introduction to Lang Co Beach – an ideal resort destination

Lang Co Beach is located in the town of Lang Co, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. Lang Co is a picturesque area with white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters that blend with the green hues of the surrounding forests. In 2009, this bay became the 30th member of the “World’s Most Beautiful Bays Club.” If you are a beach lover, don’t miss the opportunity to visit and explore Lang Co Beach.

Located at the foot of the Hai Van Pass and in the middle of three World Heritage cultural conservation centers – Hue ancient capital, My Son Sanctuary, and Hoi An Ancient Town – Lang Co Beach has become a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors.

According to the locals, the name Lang Co originates from a historical story. In the past, Lang Co was a fishing village where white storks flew back to roost every evening. During the French invasion, they gave the village a Vietnamese name “Lang Co” which was not marked on the map. Later, with the distinct Huế accent, “Lang Co” was renamed to its current name. From this story, Lang Co is also known as “the beauty of the fishing village.”

Visitors to Lang Co Beach will be immersed in the gentle and pristine scenery of the landscape. With over 10km of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, the waves crashing on the shore, and the vast tropical forests, Lang Co Beach has become an ideal resort destination.

Lang Co Beach is located at the foot of Hai Van Pass. Here, visitors can not only experience the feeling of diving and swimming but also admire the vibrant colors of the coral reefs and play with valuable economic species such as fish and shrimp.

Many tourists who come to Lang Co Beach are captivated by the peaceful and warm blue waters, just like the people here who exclaim “Lang Co is more beautiful than a watercolor painting.” Therefore, there is no reason why you should not come and experience it for yourself.

How many kilometers is the distance from Da Nang to Lang Co?

The distance from Da Nang to Lang Co is only about 30km. Visiting Lang Co, the beautiful fishing village, is a wonderful journey to explore the natural beauty of this area. You can choose different modes of transportation such as bus, taxi, self-driving car, motorbike, train, or coach. However, based on the interesting travel experiences in Lang Co, a motorbike or self-driving car is the most suitable option for this short distance. You can explore freely and check-in at any destination you want. Below, I will guide you on how to travel from Da Nang to Lang Co by motorbike or self-driving car.

  • From the center of Da Nang, head south on Duy Tan street, then turn onto Nguyen Van Linh street.
  • Follow Nguyen Van Linh street until you reach the roundabout, then turn onto Nguyen Tri Phuong street via Le Do street and turn left onto Nguyen Tat Thanh street and continue to QL1A.
  • Here, you can choose to pass through the Hai Van Tunnel or over the Hai Van Pass to reach Lang Co.

However, this route has many steep slopes, so you must pay close attention to safety and always be alert to control your driving. And remember to bring a map of the route from Da Nang to Lang Co if you are not good at finding directions.

Distance from Lang Co beach to other administrative units in Thua Thien Hue province.

Lang Co is a famous tourist destination in Hue. When you visit Hue, take some time to visit the Imperial City of Hue, the tranquil Huong River, Thien Mu Pagoda, and the Royal Tombs, as these destinations are not too far apart. Below are the distances from Lang Co beach to various administrative units in Hue that you can refer to:

  • Hue city is about 70 km from Lang Co
  • Huong Thuy town is about 60 km from Lang Co
  • Nam Dong district is about 75 km from Lang Co
  • Huong Tra town is about 79 km from Lang Co
  • Phu Vang district is about 65 km from Lang Co
  • Quang Dien district is about 100 km from Lang Co
  • A Luoi district is quite far, about 126 km from Lang Co
  • Phong Dien district is about 105 km from Lang Co.

Means of transportation to Lang Co.

Do you already know how many kilometers it is from Da Nang to Lang Co? As for transportation, in addition to the car options I introduced earlier, if you’re not confident in your driving skills, you can choose to go to Lang Co by train, bus, coach, or taxi.

Arriving by motorbike

If you’re an adventurous person, this is a great option. Currently, is offering a Motorcycle tour from Da Nang to Hai Van Pass, which includes a visit to Lang Co, Suoi Voi, and many other destinations along the way.

Getting to Lang Co by train

Taking the train is a great experience if you and your colleagues want to admire the majestic mountains from the top of Hai Van Pass and the convergence of land and sea at Lang Co Beach. From Da Nang station, you can buy a ticket to Lang Co station and then take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Lang Co Beach, which is only about 3-4 km away.

Getting to Lang Co by private car with driver

This is also a reasonable choice because renting a private car with a driver in Da Nang will save you time, and you can plan your itinerary in advance.

Getting to Lang Co by taxi

This is not the perfect choice for your Lang Co trip because the transportation cost is quite high. However, you can have more control over your time and route. The fare for a one-way trip is about 200,000 VND depending on the time and taxi company you choose.

Taking the bus

Another option for traveling from Da Nang to Lang Co is by bus. You can go to the Da Nang bus station to buy a ticket to Hue and get off at Lang Co. The ticket price is about 50,000 VND per person. However, if you choose this option, you won’t be able to admire the scenery since all bus companies choose to go through the Hai Van Tunnel for safety reasons.

Traveling by bus

This is the cheapest option but it may cause you to miss your planned schedule since buses always wait until they are full to start the journey. The ticket price for a bus ride is about 20,000 VND per person.

Some travel experiences in Lang Co.

Best time to visit Lang Co beach: Lang Co beach boasts beautiful sandbanks under the shade of green trees all year round. You can come to Lang Co at any time of the year and experience its unique beauty. Summer is a paradise to avoid the scorching heat of Laos wind. While the weather in Central Vietnam is as hot as a pan, the temperature at Lang Co beach ranges only from 25-27°C. In late autumn, Lang Co beach wears a thin voile coat woven from mist. At that time, I felt like I dared not breathe too hard to avoid ruining that beautiful coat. Additionally, if you are a fan of romance and ancient things, you will see thousands of white storks coming back to roost in the evening, creating a picture like an ancient ink painting.

You can travel to Lang Co at any time

The people of Lang Co are simple and sincere fishermen. We wandered around the long coastline, longing for a sip of water, but we didn’t know where to find it or whom to ask. Then, a fisherman weaving his fishing net on the shore approached us and said, “Are you thirsty? Come here and have a cup of tea.” The cup of tea was as sweet as the tone of his voice. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask any questions when you come here.

When you come to Lang Co beach, besides swimming, relaxing, fishing, visiting Chan May area, Bach Ma National Park, you can also experience the life of local fishermen. You can enjoy the unique and rustic dishes here, including oysters.

Dear friends, come to Lang Co once to feel overwhelmed by nature and never want to leave. Above, I have shared some travel experiences in Lang Co and how far it is from Da Nang to Lang Co. I wish you a safe and enjoyable trip from Da Nang to Lang Co.