One of the ancient streets registered in the tourist destination of Hue that tourists should go there is Bao Vinh old town. This place has a calm, ancient and peaceful color. Here, let’s explore what’s attractive about Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue .

Brief introduction about Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue

Bao Vinh Ancient Town is a tourist destination known by many people because of its unique architecture and bold historical culture. However, recently, Bao Vinh old town is facing the risk of being wiped out because the conservation work is too slow.

Bao Vinh Ancient Town Hue - A destination imbued with ancient architecture

Bao Vinh Ancient Town Hue – A destination imbued with ancient architecture

Where is Bao Vinh Hue Ancient Town located?

Bao Vinh Ancient Town is located in the north of the outskirts of the citadel in Huong Vinh commune – Huong Tra district – Thua Thien Hue . This is considered to be the largest trading port of Dang Trong, spanning the 17th and 19th centuries. Today, the old town is preserved very intact, only about 3km from the center. Therefore, it is easy for tourists to come to visit the ancient features of the neighborhood that is more than a few hundred years old.

Where is Bao Vinh Hue Ancient Town located?

Where is Bao Vinh Hue Ancient Town located?

How to get to Bao Vinh Ancient Town in Hue?

  • Traveling by road: You go from the city center through Trang Tien bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn right to Tran Hung Dao street. Next, you turn left to Huynh Thuc Khang Street and go along the Dong Ba River to the end of the road. When you meet Dao Duy Anh street, go all the way to Bao Vinh

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  • Traveling by water: Alternatively, you can choose to take a boat along the banks of the Dong Ba River. When you reach the shore, you will take a short walk up to the old town of Bao Vinh.
You can experience taking a ferry to Bao Vinh ancient town

You can experience taking a ferry to Bao Vinh ancient town

What is special about the history of Bao Vinh Hue ancient town?

Pho Co Bao Vinh Hue used to be a neighborhood in the port town of Thanh Ha – Bao Vinh, it was formed in the early 17th century. This can be said to be the busiest trading and exchange place of Dang Trong. There are many traders from countries like China, Japan, Macau, India. There are even European countries coming here to exchange and trade goods.

Previously, Bao Vinh old town was very famous for professions such as making coffins, making mother of pearl, mosaic, making bricks, etc. However, since the French colonialists invaded our country at that time, Hue citadel fell and the city was destroyed. Bao Vinh was devastated. It is also from that that the professions in this street are less and less. Despite many difficulties, the people here are trying very hard to retain the golden beauty of Bao Vinh. They have kept each roof, door step, and scenery intact

Admire Bao Vinh Hue’s old town dyed with time

Today, although it has been faded over time, the shape is still preserved by the ancient lines. How much nostalgia always makes visitors come here nostalgic. The passage of time has also made many old houses quite degraded. Small houses are nestled next to high-rise buildings.

Following the oars of the Perfume River, looking to Bao Vinh old town, we can still admire the ancient features, the houses tinged with ancient moss. Especially at sunset, the afternoon sunlight gently embraces the peaceful neighborhood next to us. The picture is suddenly dyed sad, making visitors feel entangled and charming every time they visit

Although it has been hundreds of years, Bao Vinh always brings its own beauty that makes visitors ecstatic. Because in every street corner and space in Bao Vinh old town, visitors will have a peaceful, romantic and enchanting breath.

Check-in points not to be missed in Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue

Bao Vinh village communal house

If you come to Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue, you should not miss the ancient Bao Vinh village communal house. No one remembers clearly what year this communal house was built, only knowing that it was built to worship the founder of the Pham family.

Bao Vinh village communal house - the common living place of the people here

Bao Vinh village communal house – the common living place of the people here

This is the place where the villagers live, on the 7th of December is the anniversary of his death. People often come here a lot to offer offerings. The village communal house also brings with it the old feudal architecture, the screens have been dyed with moss. All have brought visitors nostalgic memories of the past.

Bao Vinh Crossing Pier

The horizontal wharf is a dear image associated with Bao Vinh Hue’s old town with many memories. People put this as a horizontal wharf because passengers on the boat only go back and forth between BAo Vinh and Tien Non village, Sinh village or Than Tien village on the other side of the river.

If anyone has ever been on a boat trip, they must be very interested in the water but do not want to go ashore. When sitting on this boat, you will be able to see Bao Vinh old town completely. Pictures of houses close to each other, embankments built in the French period stretch across this stretch of road

Bao Vinh Hue Market

A market that brings me a peaceful, simple and dear character is Bao Vinh market. This market is not like other big markets because very few customers come to buy, so the goods here are very few. Especially if you visit Bao Vinh market on Tet holiday, you will admire the outstanding traditional stalls in Hue.

Thien Giang Pagoda

A temple that is more than 200 years old is Thien Giang Tu Pagoda. Although the area of ​​this temple is small, it is cleaned very cleanly for visitors to visit. At this temple, it is looked after by the elders who often come here to chant and recite Buddhist scriptures

Thien Giang Tu is said to have lived from the time of Bao Vinh’s formation, the temple’s architecture is bold in the design of the temple under the Ly Tran dynasty. Legend has it that in the temple there is still a terracotta Buddha statue with a very pure Vietnamese face.

According to a historical story, in the reign of King Tu Duc, when the king was sailing around, it rained, so he stopped at the temple to stay, then named the pagoda Thien Giang . This is quite reasonable because at the time of feudalism, only the King dared to put the word “Thien”.

Mat Biec Coffee Shop

  • Address: 66 Bao Vinh old town – Huong Vang – Huong Tra – Thua Thien Hue

The Eye of the Blue Coffee Shop is an inspiration from the film Mat Biec directed by Victor Vu. This is a tourist destination in Hue that many tourists check in because of its ancient features. The architectures here are all built in the ancient style, bringing dear feelings to visitors.

Bao Vinh ancient town in Hue is a destination that many people cannot help but be surprised when visiting. A small street corner under a dreamy sunshine brings nostalgic images. Bao Vinh is still lying there and waiting for the guests to come to comfort and admire