Considered one of the world’s most beautiful ocean roads, the Hai Van Pass doesn’t leave much less to the eye than complete natural beauty and jaw-dropping amazement. This coastal road that covers the stretch of land between Da Nang City and Vietnam’s ancient city of Hue is one of the country’s most iconic ventures. While it can also be admired by bus, biking the Hai Van pass gives you more freedom to stop and take in all the spectacular ocean views.

hai van pass - danang motorbike adventure

Hai Van Pass

Our adventure began at the Funtastic Hostel in Da Nang, a great hostel in the centre of town that accommodates all your backpacker needs. We hired a motorbike, packed out daypacks, got some incredible (and incredibly cheap) Banh Mi from the local bakery and were on our way.

I was, of course, the passenger given my complete inability (and fear) to ride a motorbike. Luckily I had my partner with me who is a confident, experienced rider. I wouldn’t recommend the Hai Van Pass to an inexperienced rider; I wouldn’t recommend anywhere in Vietnam to inexperienced riders. Finding a confident partner is a much safer, and preferred option. If you’re travelling solo there is always the option to hire the popular ‘Easy Riders’ – Vietnamese locals who offer all-inclusive day tours on their motorbikes, an activity becoming increasingly popular to tourists in Vietnam.

The journey started as we drove along Da Nang’s long stretches of coastal beaches heading north towards the Truong Son mountain range. The first part of the drive is rather flat along the main coastal road for about 30 minutes until you start to climb the hills. About 30 minutes of incline will bring you to some remarkable viewpoints of the whole of Da Nang city and it’s coastline. A few more windy roads will bring you to more views of ocean backdrop with lush green hills and white sand beaches. We tried to look for a path to get down to the beaches but they were sadly unattainable from where we were. We settled for the view and continued to decline the mountain. Danang to Bana hills, Private Car From Hoi An To Hue

Have you biked the Hai Van Pass? Or any other amazing ocean roads? Leave your comments below.