When traveling on the roads of the Central region, Hai Van Pass has always been a popular choice for adventurous travelers.

Crossing Hai Van Pass by motorbike is always the most exciting feeling. Not only can you admire the panoramic view of the vast nature of the sea, the sky, and the mountains, but it is also an experience to challenge yourself. However, not everyone can ride a motorbike up the pass as there is always a lurking danger that can be terrifying…

If you are planning to travel through Hai Van Pass by motorbike, then take note of some of the experiences that Danang Motorbike Adventure has compiled below!


Before starting your journey, you need to prepare the necessary items such as a mask, windbreaker, sunglasses, sunscreen, socks, gloves, thick hat, water, and some food.

These are the essential items to protect your body from the sun, wind, or dust while traveling. Especially for female travelers, always remember to apply sunscreen and moisturizer to protect your skin during long periods of exposure outside.


The motorbike is the first means of transportation you need to carefully check the technical specifications to ensure a smooth trip. Check the brakes, lights, tires if they are still working properly, if the tires are too worn out, replace them to avoid punctures or slipping when turning. Especially, remember to fill up the gas tank to continue conquering the challenges.

Hai Van Pass is a long mountain pass and there will be no places to repair your motorbike. So if there are any problems on this route, it will be very inconvenient and time-consuming.

You should bring some basic tools to fix the motorbike such as a puncture repair kit, chain wrench, etc. to prevent the motorbike from breaking down on the way.

If you are worried, book a motorcycle tour to Hai Van Pass, our experienced driver will bring you a sense of safety. In addition, the tour to Hai Van Pass also includes other discovery points such as Lang Co, Lap An Lagoon, Dragon Bridge, and many other destinations.


Honk when entering a blind corner: signal to oncoming traffic to avoid a collision.

Maintain a safe distance between vehicles to avoid abrupt braking in front.

Don’t take corners too wide: mountain roads are often curved and steep, taking corners too wide can cause the wheels to slip and be dangerous when encountering oncoming traffic.

Shift to a lower gear before climbing uphill: when facing an uphill, shift to a lower gear about 40-50 meters before. Accelerate to 40-50km/h and maintain a steady throttle.

Maintain a suitable speed when exploring the Hai Van Pass. Drive at a moderate speed that is sufficient to handle unexpected situations that may occur on the road.

Observe the rearview mirror while exploring the Hai Van Pass on a motorbike. From there, you can choose the appropriate direction and avoid unnecessary collisions. Moreover, mountain roads are often curved and steep, so taking corners too wide can be dangerous when encountering oncoming traffic.

Limit driving on the Hai Van Pass at night. Thick fog limits visibility and weakens the ability of headlights at night. The winding road is very dangerous to drive on at night. Therefore, when exploring the Hai Van Pass on a motorbike, it is best to avoid driving at night.


When you reach the top of the pass, you should stop to admire the scenery and explore. The Hai Van Quan relic on the top of the pass was built by King Minh Mang in 1826.

You can enjoy the peaceful view of Danang city and lose yourself in the clouds or capture beautiful photos.

Looking northward, you will be amazed by the picturesque view of Lang Co Bay and gentle Lagoon Lap An.


Before descending the pass, check your motorbike to ensure safety. When descending the pass, drive at a slow speed, using low gears, usually gears one and two. Do not coast or brake continuously in neutral gear, as this is very dangerous. If you want to take photos, park your bike close to the roadside.

Above are some tips for riding a motorbike on the Hai Van Pass that we have compiled. Have a fun and safe trip!