Hue has countless famous tourist attractions and attractions for you to visit. Besides the mausoleums and the Citadel, recently, young people often visit Thuy Xuan incense village to visit and live virtual. This is also the divine coordinates that give birth to millions of likes. If you do not know where Thuy Xuan incense village is, please ‘pocket’ the experiences below! 

Locating the coordinates of Thuy Xuan incense village

Thuy Xuan incense village is known as the largest incense village in Hue today. This famous incense village is located on Huyen Tran Cong Chua street. Although it is about 7-8km from the city center, it is very convenient for you to combine visiting 2 nearby tourist attractions, Tu Duc Tomb and Vong Canh Hill.


This famous village is located at the foot of Vong Canh hill and next to the romantic Perfume River. Hue people have a saying “Hue is not only beautiful but also fragrant”, perhaps referring to this famous place. Right from the moment you arrive at the beginning of Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, you will encounter houses with incense display with all kinds of colors and sweet fragrances.


Directions to Thuy Xuan incense village

Because it is about 7-8km from the city center, you can easily get here easily. Below, HaloTravel will provide detailed directions from the central area for your reference.

Starting from the Imperial Citadel of Hue, you move in the direction of Doan Thi Diem Street to Phu Xuan Bridge and then continue straight in the direction of Dien Bien Phu Street to Ngo Cat. From Ngo Cat Street, go about 2.5km to Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street. From here you will see along the two sides of the road there are shops selling incense. This is the way to the famous Thuy Xuan incense village in the ancient capital of Hue.

What is the right time to go to the incense village?

According to the experience from the “territory” shared, you can visit here at any time of the year. However, the ideal time is in the summer (from March to August every year). Because this is the time of the dry season, with hot sun, the villagers often bring the incense out to dry. Therefore, the scenery of the incense village becomes more and more beautiful and colorful. In addition, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, because many people come to buy incense, the scene here also becomes busier than usual.

On the contrary, in the rainy season (from October to January) due to sudden rains, people often limit drying incense outdoors. If you are unlucky to go on the right rainy day, you will not have virtual live pictures.


What is special about Perfume Village in Hue?

Learn about the culture of the largest incense village in Hue

Coming to Thuy Xuan incense village, you will learn and witness first-hand the stages of making incense. It seems to be a very simple job, but to make incense sticks, it goes through those very difficult stages.


According to the people here, the incense village in Thuy Xuan existed hundreds of years ago under the Nguyen Dynasty. In the past, this was the place to supply incense to the court, mandarins and people in the region. That’s why the incense at Thuy Xuan often has many different outstanding colors such as yellow, red, blue, … and an unforgettable sweet fragrance.


If you have the opportunity to come here in the summer, you will be satisfied with the rows of layers of bouquets of different colors that are dried on the street. Especially, on sunny days, production facilities will dry incense sticks along the street, and it is also an ideal time that many tourists, especially young people, come to live virtual.

Experience the process of making handmade incense

Not only can you learn about the culture of Thuy Xuan village, you can also experience making handmade incense sticks.

First of all, people will choose the ingredients to make incense. For the best flavor, ingredients are often selected from five traditional herbs along with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, anise or pine buds… In addition, some establishments also add cinnamon, eucalyptus or grapefruit peel. , dried grapefruit flowers to create a more distinctive fragrance.

After kneading the incense powder, the next step is to make the incense core. This core is made from bamboo intestines, then chopped, dried in the sun for many days to help the incense stick dry and stronger. Especially compared to other incense villages, in Thuy Xuan incense village, people still make incense by hand. The workers who have been in the profession for a long time will make incense by hand quickly and quickly. The “standard” incense sticks are usually thin enough, round and then dried in the sun.

Coming to Hue, definitely take the time to come to Huong Thuy Xuan village to learn as well as take advantage of “virtual living” to produce ecstatic virtual live pictures. Hopefully, with the sharing of HaloTravel, it will help you have a trip with many memorable experiences. Don’t forget to refer to other useful Hue travel experiences!