Elephant Spring(Suoi Voi) – Hue, Vietnam

Famous for the big elephant-shaped rocks, cool water flow and fresh air, Elephant Spring in Hue are known for the untouched beauty of natural forest mountains. It is also famous for many dishes of interesting and unique local people, attracting many tourists when visiting Hue.

  • How to go to the picnic site in Hue ?

Where is the Elephant Spring in Hue? This is a question of many tourists who want to visit this famous picnic site in Hue. This location is conveniently located on the way between Danang and Hue. If tourists travel from Hue, just go through Phu Truong Pass for about 3km and then reach km 879 turn right and go straight toElephant Spring(Suoi Voi).

Elephant Spring(Suoi Voi) - Transfer to Hoi An

Elephant Spring(Suoi Voi)

As for tourists traveling from Da Nang, it will take more time with a long road up to 55 km, visitors pay special attention when coming to the road of km 879, turn left to get to the correct Elephant Stream to avoid the case of being lost. It is difficult to find the right place.

Elephant Spring is not too difficult for visitors when they first visit Hue, only about 1 hour if you travel by motorbike here. You can also rent a taxi to come here, but if you like the feeling of traveling, enjoying the scenery in the way to the stream, you should definitely try to travel by motorbike( Danang or Hoi An to hue motorbike via Elephant spring) to be more convenient and proactive in traveling around. Other famous places of Hue.

  • Unique features of Hue Elephant Spring resort.

Elephant Spring (Suoi Voi) is also known by many locals as another name such as Me streamElephant springs tourist area attracts many tourists. This picnic site is very suitable for summer trips, because the weather here is very nice and cool. Not only domestic and foreign tourists visit but the people here often come here on weekends with their families for a picnic, getting more and more restful.

Elephant Spring(Suoi Voi) - Price

With the ticket price to the Elephant Spring (Suoi Voi)  from 50,000 – 220,000 VND / person, you can rest, watch the great waterfalls, the majestic of a diverse primitive forest. To this tourist destination, you can see the beauty of the mountains and forests with many forest flowers such as purple sim flowers and along the streams are ancient trees.

How to visitElephant Spring (Suoi Voi)?

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