Don Ca arch bridge is not only a unique traffic work but also a place with beautiful natural scenery. This place is likened to the “gateway to heaven” bringing many interesting experiences for visitors.

Hue tourism is often mentioned with ancient buildings, beautiful landscapes, and Don Ca arch bridge is also one of the ideal destinations when exploring the ancient capital. The bridge imprinted with time is surrounded by magnificent nature, rare beauty, making anyone’s heart flutter.

1. Introduction of Don Ca arch bridge

1.1. Where is Don Ca arch bridge?


Hai Van Pass was once voted by the Guardian as one of the 10 most beautiful coastal roads in the world. This is also the location of Don Ca arch bridge – the “gateway to heaven” at the foot of the pass – a place that attracts a lot of tourists to visit because of its magnificent, wild and unique beauty of nature.

Specifically, this work is located in Lang Co township, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province . Therefore, the bridge is also “present” in the list of tourist attractions in Phu Loc Hue that are most worth experiencing that you should choose when planning your Hue Da Nang travel itinerary .

1.2. History of Don Ca arch bridge

Around the years 1881 – 1885, the first railway line in Vietnam lasted 70km, connecting Saigon – My Tho was started by the French. Until the early 20th century, they continued to implement the railway through Hai Van pass with a total length of 28km, accompanied by 18 bridges over the stream flowing through the pass.

According to recorded history, Don Ca bridge was built around 1902-1906, the architecture of the bridge with 4 arches, built mainly of stone, 20m high with a length of about 100m.

Currently, this is not only an important bridge in the North-South railway, but also a check-in place that attracts many tourists because of the unique beauty that nature bestows.

2. Instructions on how to go to Don Ca arch bridge

Although not located on the national highway, the way to Don Ca arch bridge is not too difficult to find. Currently, navigation applications have information on the way to the bridge, so visitors will be more convenient during travel.

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From the city center of Hue or Da Nang, you go to the direction of Hai Van pass, go through Hai Van Quan and move on, you will see a small road on the right hand side to go down to Hai Van Bac station. From Hai Van Bac station, people go straight for about 1km to reach the arch bridge. During the move, you can refer to the Hue tourist map to connect with nearby places.

3. What does Don Ca arch bridge have to attract tourists?

Don Ca arch bridge is one of Hue tourist attractions that gives visitors many interesting experiences:

3.1. Immerse yourself in the poetic natural scenery

Hai Van Quan is a pass that separates the North – South climate zones, cars and motorbikes can go through the tunnel to save time. However, with this form, it is not possible to fully admire the beautiful sea and natural scenery on both sides of the pass. This is also the reason why backpackers and adventurers often choose motorbikes to conquer this pass.

When moving down the arch bridge, you will clearly feel the fresh air, the rustling sound of the trees. In addition, the towering stone pillars also become a unique “background” for visitors to save the best check-in pictures. The beauty of Don Ca arch bridge is also mentioned by the pristine nature, majestic mountains and forests. The backpackers come here not only to admire the scenery, take pictures but also relax in the clear and cool stream.

3.2. Check in the train line

The arch bridge is a section on the Hai Van pass railway, so on average, there will be a train or train crossing the Hai Van pass every 30 minutes. When you hear the sound of the train from afar, prepare your camera and pose to save really good pictures. For those who travel, this is an interesting place to travel in Hue , both comfortable, relaxing, and “pocket” many “virtual living” photos for a lifetime.

3.3. The ideal picnic experience

Not only is a beautiful place to take pictures in Hue , the arch bridge at the foot of Hai Van Pass is also an ideal camping place for backpacking trips and weekend fun. There are big rocks here where you can set up a tent and hold a party right by the cool stream. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience when traveling with friends and relatives.

4. What to note when traveling to Don Ca arch bridge in Hue?

According to Hue backpacking experience , to have a safe trip at Don Ca bridge, you need to note some information below:

  • The road going up Hai Van pass is quite dangerous, very steep and winding, so you need to check the car carefully, steady the steering wheel, move slowly, and at the same time pay attention.
  • When moving to the foot of the bridge, the road is small and gravel, you should limit carrying a lot of luggage to ensure the most convenience during the move.
  • If you organize meals, bring food, you need to pay attention to the natural landscape, do not litter indiscriminately.

If you are looking for a new and unique tourist destination in Hue, Don Ca arch bridge  is really an interesting choice. Compared to other scenic spots, this place still retains its wild and peaceful beauty because there has been no human impact. It is the freshness and greenness of the natural landscape that gives visitors relaxation and comfort when arriving.

Hope the above sharing will help you easily plan your trip!