Khai Dinh Tomb of Hue is not only considered the most beautiful mausoleum but also converges many other “best” things that visitors cannot ignore when visiting this dreamy city. With extremely elaborate and splendid architectural works, a sophisticated combination of East-West culture and architecture, Khai Dinh Tomb has become a prominent historical relic destination of the ancient capital. is the favorite “virtual living” check-in place for many young people when it has many ideal shooting angles.

To learn more about this project, please join Danang Motorbike Adventure through the article below. In this article, I will share the complete Khai Dinh Tomb travel experience from start to finish for those who are intending to visit.

Where is Khai Dinh Tomb of Hue located?

Khai Dinh Tomb , also known as Ung Lang , is the mausoleum of the 12th king of the Nguyen Dynasty – Khai Dinh. The mausoleum is located on Chau Chu mountain, in the vast majority of Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy town, located outside the imperial city of Hue, about 10 km from the city center.

Although the area is much more modest than the mausoleums of the previous kings, the construction process took more than 10 years with many elaborate and sophisticated works, consuming a lot of effort and money. Therefore, this last work of the Nguyen Dynasty is considered the most outstanding of all the mausoleums in Hue thanks to its Western architecture and modern materials.

  • Address of Khai Dinh Tomb: Khai Dinh – Thuy Bang – Huong Thuy – Thua Thien Hue


How was the construction process of Khai Dinh Tomb of Hue?

Associated with history as well as ancient beauty has been kept from generation to generation. To be able to build such a monumental mausoleum, it must go through many stages.

– Preparation for the construction of the mausoleum

In 1916 Khai Dinh became king, he built many palaces, mansions, mausoleums for the royal family and himself. To be able to build his own part, King Khai Dinh had to refer to many submissions of geographical masters. After several times of choosing him on the slopes of Chau Chu mountain to be the location of the tomb. King Khai Dinh took a low fruit lying in front as a criminal record, and took Chop Vung and Kim Son mountains as Ta Thanh Long and Huu Bach Tiger. In the past, this mausoleum was called Ung Lang, but later people named it Khai Dinh Tomb

– How long does it take to start building Khai Dinh Tomb?

The mausoleum was started on September 4, 1920, under the command of Le Van Ba, the former governor of the Imperial Army, and the construction process took 11 years. When building the king’s mausoleum, there were many famous craftsmen and artisans such as Phan Van Tanh, Nguyen Van Kha, Cuu Horn, etc.

The construction cost was quiet, and King Khai Dinh asked the government to allow him to increase the 30% filling tax and use that increase to fund the construction of the mausoleum. That’s why a lot of people condemn extremely harshly and go down in history.

Unlike the tombs of potential kings, Khai Dinh Tomb has a smaller area with the size of 117m x 48.7m but has a special thing that is very elaborate and used a lot of time. The materials used to build the mausoleum were all given to people by Khai Dinh to go to France to buy iron, steel, cement, .. and also for boats to China and Japan. make for a beautiful project.

How far is Khai Dinh Tomb from Hue?  Means of transport how?

As mentioned, Khai Dinh mausoleum is located not far from the center of Hue citadel, about 10 km to the southwest, so moving is not very easy. You can go by motorbike, hue car rental, taxi or bus.

If you ride a motorbike or car, go straight in the direction of Highway 49 and you will see a sign to enter the mausoleum. If you take a bus, take the bus route south to Dong Ba market – Tuan market and vice versa, this route will have a stop at Khai Dinh Tomb.

Tomb of Khai Dinh Hue – A unique architectural masterpiece

In terms of the architecture of Khai Dinh Tomb, this is an extremely unique architectural masterpiece because it has a new architectural style. The architecture of the mausoleum is a combination of the traditional style of the Nguyen Dynasty and the unique, fancy, awkward and out of place features.

The overall mausoleum has a rectangular sticker rising to the top and a total of 127 steps. The construction architecture has the presence of many famous schools such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Roman, Gothique, … all of which create an imprint for the beauty of the mausoleum, specifically as follows:

  • Those tower-shaped gate pillars are from Indian architecture
  • Pillars in the form of Buddhist statues
  • The surrounding fence is shaped like skinny crosses
  • The stele house with its octagonal columns and arches is designed in a variant Roman style.

All the combination of these factors created the interference between East and West cultures in the historical period of King Khai Dinh. That’s why many tourists come here to explore for their trip.

Ticket price to visit Khai Dinh Hue mausoleum in 2022

Currently, the ticket price to visit Khai Dinh Tomb of Hue complies with regulations on collection, management and use of fees for visiting historical and cultural relics of the complex of Hue monuments. Specifically, the ticket price for adults is 150,000 VND / time and children are 50,000 VND / way. The ticket price is not too high for a journey to visit the mausoleum of this scale, is it not!

What is there in Hue’s Tomb of Khai Dinh that you must discover and not miss?

It can be said that the tomb of King Khai Dinh Hue is a harmonious synthesis of many different architectural schools, with a combination of ancient Vietnamese and Western architecture. It includes 5 main points that visitors must definitely explore, which are:

Tam Quan Gate to Khai Dinh Tomb Tam Quan

Gate is located on the first floor of the mausoleum, consisting of two main buildings, Ta Tong Tu and Huu Tong Tu. This is the place used to build the workers of the gods who have contributed to the country. Right from the gate you can see its grandeur. And to get to this gate, you need to pass 37 steps out of 127 steps of the mausoleum!

Nghi Mon and Bai Dinh courtyard in Khai Dinh mausoleum

Going 29 more steps you will come to Nghi Mon area and Bai Dinh courtyard located on the second floor of Khai Dinh Hue mausoleum . This place stands out with two rows of statues of mandarins, mandarins carved like real people – a special model that makes visitors surprised when they see it with their own eyes.

Thien Dinh Palace – the highest position of Khai Dinh Hue Tomb

Located on the 5th floor – the highest position of the mausoleum is Thien Dinh Palace. The bow has a rectangular shape, under the marble floor and the entire interior is decorated with very sophisticated and beautiful reliefs made from porcelain and glass. All exude a solemn look, adding to the appeal of the mausoleum

Khai Thanh Palace – the place where King Khai Dinh’s altar is located

This is the place to place the altar to worship King Khai Dinh. The palace is cast in bronze painted concrete, the decorative motifs around it are also golden like the palace. Above is an inscription with the name Khai Thanh Dien, below this palace is placed the body of the king.

Bronze statue of King Khai Dinh inside the tomb of Khai Dinh Hue

The bronze statue of King Khai Dinh is located at Ung Lang, as a precious artifact of the Nguyen kings. At the same time, through this, it helps the next generation to have a vivid picture of the appearance of this king in his lifetime.

Sharing experiences of discovering Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue

I will continue to share with you the experience of visiting Khai Dinh Hue mausoleum to arrange a plan and have a trip that is both experienced and economical.

– When is the right time to visit Khai Dinh Hue Tomb?

According to Hue travel experience , you can visit the mausoleum in the summer months. However, summer in Hue is usually quite hot and sunny, so it can make you tired. Therefore, if possible, you should arrange to go around January and February. At this time, the weather is pleasant, not too harsh, traveling will be much more convenient.

– How long does it take to visit Khai Dinh Hue Tomb?

If it takes 3-4 hours to explore all of Hue Minh Mang Tomb, then with Khai Dinh Tomb, you only need 1-2 hours. This complex of mausoleum architecture is not too large, but if you want to experience more nearby places, it will take about a day. In case time is limited, you should plan in detail so that you can go to many places!

– Should visit Khai Dinh Tomb of Hue by tour or self-sufficient

In fact, Hue is a very easy tourist destination to go. If you like the feeling of backpacking and don’t want to be confined to a certain schedule, self-sufficiency is not a bad solution. As noted, it will be quite expensive in terms of money as well as time!

According to the share of those who have been to Da Nang Hue tour , if you are from a far away region, it is best to choose to go on a tour instead of self-sufficient. By registering for a tour, you will be taken care of by the travel agency, from transportation, entrance fees, and meals. Have the opportunity to visit many low-cost places such as the Citadel, Thien Mu pagoda, other mausoleums, etc. Especially, there is a guide explaining in detail about the destinations to help you better understand where you are going. .

Along with other relic complexes in the ancient capital of Hue, Khai Dinh Tomb has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. This is truly a masterpiece of unique mausoleum architecture that you certainly cannot miss when traveling to this promised land.