Free tourist attractions in Hue. Referring to Hue, people often immediately think of poetic, gentle, ancient. Let’s explore with Tuan Nguyen Travel the luxury-fine-smooth tourist destinations, giving you virtual vitality, without having to worry about costs.


1. Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is the most beautiful and famous temple in Hue, often appearing in literary works, poetry, music and painting. This is also one of the free tourist attractions in Hue that visitors should not miss. The pagoda is located on Ha Khe hill, Huong Long commune, next to the Perfume River.


When you come here, you will see Phuoc Duyen Tower – a symbol of the temple that everyone who comes must check in. Built in 1844 under the reign of King Thieu Tri. The tower is 21m high with an octagonal shape and has seven floors.


  • Address: Nguyen Phuoc Nguyen street, Hue city

2. Vong Canh Hill

This is the ideal tourist destination on the list of free tourist attractions in Hue for those who want to immerse themselves in the mountains. The hill is about 43m high, so from here visitors can see the whole view of Hue.

Vong Canh Hill is most beautiful at dawn or at sunset, from the moment the fog melts on the hill, the bright sunlight of the morning until the sun comes out covered with a red color of the afternoon.


Free tourist attractions in Hue – Vong Canh Hill

  • Address: Huyen Tran Cong Chua street, Thuy Bieu, Hue city

3. Quoc Hoc Hue School

Free tourist attractions in Hue – Quoc Hoc Hue School owns a series of magical virtual living corners, attracting many tourists by the beauty that combines the ancient features of French-style architectural buildings with French architecture. poetic romance of the school yards lined with trees

The school is located on Le Loi street, to visit you need to ask the security guard to park the car and remember to maintain order and hygiene.


  • Address: 12 Le Loi, Vinh Ninh, Hue city

4. Ho Thuy Tien Park

Free tourist attractions in Hue –  Ho Thuy Tien Park is an abandoned park, but now it is a place that attracts young people to check-in virtual life with beautiful shooting angles. The park was built in 2000, in Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy town. Recently, the park was featured in the Hufington Post – USA, with a mysterious and unique beauty.


  • Address: Thien An hill, Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy

5. Ru Cha

A place definitely not to be missed for nature lovers. This is the remaining primeval forest located on the territory of Tam Giang lagoon. The scenery here is very magical, the roots of branches and leaves on both sides of the curved road are intertwined. On sunny days, this is one of the free tourist attractions in Hue that visitors should visit because of the fresh, cool, and very peaceful atmosphere.


  • Address: Huong Phong, Huong Tra, Thua Thien Hue province

6. Thanh Toan Tile Bridge

Free tourist attractions in Hue –  Thanh Toan tiled bridge was recorded in 1776 – the bridge has an old beauty, mossy, and bold rural features and idyllic people.

The bridge was built in the way of “upper family Ha Kieu” crossing a small river at the end of the poetic and quiet Nhu Y river.


  • Address: Thanh Thuy village, Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy

7. Thuy Xuan incense village

Free tourist attractions in Hue – if anyone wants to feel the dreamy beauty of Hue, they should not miss the tourist attraction Thuy Xuan incense village which has existed for more than 700 years. This place is attracted by the vibrant colors, the faint scent of incense bouquets.


  • Address: 84 Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Thuy Xuan, Hue city

8. Trang Tien Bridge

Free tourist attractions in Hue  – Trang Tien Bridge is considered as a symbol of the beauty of the ancient capital. This place becomes an endless source of inspiration for those who love art, coming here you can drop your soul into nature, capturing moments with a flowing ao dai will be a picture of the gentle beauty of people. Vietnamese daughter.


  • Address: Hue city