Banh Xeo is a crispy crepe named after the sound created when the rice batter hits the smoking hot cast iron skillet. The beautiful balance derived from a perfect combination between veggies and meat or seafood stuffed in the crunchy light batter makes this dish a must-try for all foodies.

This Vietnamese crepe is not a fronthy delicacy but a harmony of colors and flavors. It has an irresistible visual with the green of chopped scallions, the orange of tasty prawns and the white of bean sprouts standing out in the vibrant yellow hue of the crepe. The traditional way to eat this dish is rolling a piece of crepe in a rice paper along with lettuce and some Vietnamese herbs then dipping the roll into a special tangy sauce. Beside the rice batter recipes and fresh ingredients, dipping sauce is also an indispensable part of this dish. It ties all the textures together, capitalizing on the flavors to the fullest.

There exist some slight variations of Bánh xèo by regions and all of them are worth craving. In the South, Bánh xèo are made in a larger size with more veggies and mung beans. A southern Bánh xèo can fill an adult’s growling stomach. While in the Central, people are familiar with smaller Bánh xèo without mung beans. The texture and the sauce differ as well depending on each regional preferences.

If you are planning to travel to Da Nang, do not miss the chance to try one of the top-notch Danangese Bánh xèo as listed below.

Five Hien Cuisine (Bánh Xèo Tôm Nhảy)

Address: 46 Phan Thanh Street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang
Hotline: 090 568 4246
Prices: 7.000VND – 70.000VND

Located in the city center, this is a familiar destination for locals and tourists. The restaurant is spacious and very clean, quite suitable for family dining, or friend and colleague gatherings. There are two types of crepes here, the shrimp ones and beef ones, both of which own delicious flavors. Besides crepes, the restaurant also serves appetizing spring rolls, grilled pork vermicelli, beef with piper lolots, vermicelli with shrimp paste, etc.

Bánh xèo Bà Dưỡng

Address: K280/23 Hoang Dieu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Hotline: (0236) 3 873 168
Prices: 20.000VND – 55.000VND

This is the leading Bánh xèo restaurant in Da Nang. With many years of experience, Bà Dưỡng has gained its prestige and imprint in the hearts of diners. The restaurant’s crepes are brought to customers with the beautiful golden crispy outside and the soft inside full of toppings, served with more than 10 types of fresh green vegetables. The red-brown dipping sauce made by a special recipe which is rich in taste enhances the deliciousness of the main dish.

Bánh xèo tôm nhảy Cô Ba

Address: 248 Trung Nu Vuong Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
Hotline: 0905 100 896/ 0905 097 071
Prices: 20.000VND – 40.000VND

As one of the Banh Xeo restaurants serving jumping shrimp, Bánh xèo Cô Ba retains the taste of Bánh xèo Binh Dinh. The number of locals and tourists coming to the restaurant is increasing day by day with positive feedbacks. The crepes here are slightly bigger than an adult’s hand and made from pure rice without coloring. Therefore, after the crepes come out of the oven, the top surface is milky white and covered by shrimps, meat, bean sprouts, and sliced fresh onions. The special thing that determines the taste and quality of the crepes is the fresh and plump shrimps. The name “Jumping shrimp” not only stimulates the curiosity of diners coming to the restaurant but also makes the restaurant’s brand.

Bánh xèo Nhung

Address: 105 Nguyen Thien Ke, Son Tra District, Da Nang
Hotline: 0903581088
Prices: 6.000VND – 35.000VND

The crepes here are big ones and cooked immediately after customers order, so they always stay hot when serving. The crepes are cut into pieces and laid out on a plate like a pizza. Banh xeo at Nhung restaurant is poured thinly or thickly depending on the preferences of the guests. In addition, the staff are very friendly and helpful. With the motto of serving customers like serving their own relatives, Bánh xèo Nhung has won the love of domestic and foreign customers.

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