Ban Co Peak is known as the “roof” of Da Nang and is a must-see attraction when coming to this livable city. Besides the scenery like a fairyland, this place also preserves many legends from the past. Let the following article immediately reveal the attractive things about this extremely hot destination as well as the beautiful and magical check-in points at the top of the Da Nang Chess Board !

Where is the top of Ban Co Da Nang?

Ban Co Peak is located on a mountain top of Son Tra peninsula, Tho Quang ward, Son Tra district and about 9km west of Da Nang centerSon Tra Peninsula  is likened to the pearl of Da Nang city with the wonderful beauty that nature bestows, which is the harmony between immense mountains, rivers, water, sun and wind. Everything here is dressed in a pristine beauty like an illusion and brings peace of mind to the souls of many travelers.

Ban Co Peak is about 700m above sea level and is the highest place of the city. From the top of Ban Co, visitors can capture the beauty of beautiful Da Nang with high-rise buildings, boats floating in the sea and bridges crossing the Han River. And this is also one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset and sunrise in this beautiful city.

Guide to the top of the Da Nang Chessboard

Although the way to Ban Co Da Nang is not far, it is quite difficult, so visitors can refer to one of the two travel routes below for the most convenient way.

  • Route 1: Visitors start from Thuan Phuoc bridge and go along Yet Kieu street. Then turn towards the People’s Army Barracks of Naval Region 3 and continue straight to reach the top of Ban Co. This route is quite easy to go and saves a lot of time.
  • Route 2: Tourists start from Hoang Sa coast, follow Vo Nguyen Giap street towards Linh Ung pagoda in Son Tra peninsula. Visitors can stop here to burn incense and wish good things. Then go straight along the path to reach the top of Ban Co. Although this road is more difficult to navigate, it attracts many people with its charming scenery.

You can combine going to the top of Ban Co with one route and going down the other way to have the most complete experience. However, no matter which route you take, in general, the way to the top of Ban Co is quite steep and has many bends hugging the mountain.

If you choose to travel by motorbike, you should travel with a manual car instead of a scooter, and carefully check the vehicle before starting the journey. And vehicle drivers should have long-distance travel experience as well as situational handling skills to be able to ensure safety during the trip.

After moving to the end of the pass and reaching the foot of Ban Co peak, visitors will have to continue climbing a vertical slope to reach the top of the mountain, where there is a statue of Tien Ong and the famous stone chess board. Although it takes a lot of effort, the beauty and emotion at the top of Ban Co will definitely not disappoint you.

Legend and legend of the top of Ban Co

Perhaps many visitors wonder about the name of the top of Ban Co of this sightseeing place. This name comes from an ancient legend that a fairy passed by this mountain top and was fascinated by the charming scenery, so he set up a chess board. Then, another fairy, De Thich, saw it and immediately asked to join the chess game with him. Since both fairies were equally talented, the game was extended from day to day, month to month.

It seemed that there was no end, but one day, there were beautiful fairies descending to the beach next to Son Tra island to have fun and swim. This caused the fairy Emperor Thich to be distracted, make the wrong move and lose the battle. And after winning the victory, he rode a cloud to fly back to heaven, only the fairy Emperor Thich was left because he could not accept the result, so he sat down to ponder and find a solution, but there was no result.

And after naming this mountain peak in Son Tra peninsula as Ban Co peak, the people here also built a chess board and statue of the old man De Thich sitting contemplating to prove the legend of the top of Ban Co. The chessboard is fixed and the moves cannot be moved, so no one can continue to solve this position anymore. However, this place has become one of the attractions that many tourists come to visit and check in.

The top of Ban Co Da Nang – a beautiful and magical place to check in and take pictures

What makes Ban Co peak in Da Nang so attractive to tourists even though this place is located on a wild and difficult-to-access mountain slope? Perhaps one of the most attractive factors is the beauty like a fairyland in the vast space with extremely unique check-in points.

Ban Co mountain peak

This is probably the best check-in location to be able to capture the whole scenery of Son Tra peninsula as well as the whole city of Da Nang. And that beauty is constantly changing at different times of the day.

It was a scene like a watercolor painting at dawn, when the fog covered the city still sleeping. Then the sun has gradually appeared in the distance with warm orange and yellow colors and reflected shimmering rays into the clear blue water. Visitors can also feel the freshness of the dew drops on each foliage. All create the most beautiful and pure moments of the transition moment of the day.

Or you can also capture the whole sunset moment when the last rays of light gradually fall, the sun sets red in the sky. The waves of the sea gently pat, and the city gradually appears with a magical beauty, shimmering with lights from buildings and bridges reaching out in the heart of bustling Da Nang.

Fairy statue with a stone chessboard

The image of the fairy sitting contemplatively at the chessboard on the top of the mountain in the middle of the vastness evokes a very pure feeling. Although the number of pieces on the chessboard is not complete, it still does not lose the beauty of this place. Visitors can sit here to rest after a long journey and enjoy the pleasant and cool atmosphere. At the same time, check in at the chessboard to transform into a fairy in the inconclusive chess games in the old stories.

The way to the top of Ban Co

This is one of the most impressive roads in Da Nang with an extremely wild but equally poetic landscape. Visitors seem to be immersed in the vastness of heaven and earth, no smoke, no shops, only trees and green lawns connecting far away.

Besides filming and taking pictures of the landscape along the way, visitors can combine sightseeing and check-in to other famous places such as Obama rock, Bai Rang, Bai Tien Sa, Bai But…

Visitors can also stop at some cafes or roadside grills to enjoy many attractive dishes such as grilled seafood, crispy fried, salted… and rest before continuing the journey. !

Explore the Ban Co Peak by motorbike tour

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